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(En)gendering a Were/Shifter Identity Sabersger How the ways in which we view were identities are affected by the ways in we understand gender. Gender
A Lurking Predator and a Playful Beauty Tamuril About Tamuril's cat and horse aspects both being simultaneously prominent. Cat, Horse, Feline, Ungulate
A Mythological Perspective on Therianthropy Lupa Ideas of how personal mythology relates to perspectives and experiences of therianthropy.
A Profound Disconnect Kusani Discussing the dysphoria between Colorado and West Virginia, as well as cat-self and human-body while outside in the mountains. Barbary Lion, Feline
A Timeline of the Therianthrope Community HouseofChimeras A timeline of events that have taken place within or related directly to the fictionkin community. 1979-2021. Timeline, eBook
A Totemic Perspective on Spiritual Therianthropy Lupa Ideas of how totems and totemic experiences can interact with and affect one's therianthropy, including personal anecdotes.
An Introduction to Animality Kusani An introduction to animality and animal-people. Introductory
Animal Mentality Elinox How Elinox experiences her animality.
Awereness Forums (original) Introduction Sonne Spiritwind Sonne's introduction post to the Awereness forums.
Awereness Forums Re-introduction  Sonne Spiritwind Sonne's re-introduction post to the Awereness forums.
Bigger Predators Kusani Instinctual reactions Kusani has to people they percieve as larger predators. Barbary Lion, Feline
Cat As Gender Kusani  An explanation of how being a barbary lionness affects Kusani's gender identity. Barbary Lion, Feline, Gender
Cats and Monkeys Kusani On how cats and monkeys differ in social patience. Barbary Lion, Feline
Christianity & Therianthropy: A Hypothetical Theological Perspective Page Shepard (Sol System) On therianthropy and its theoretical theological justifications and intersections with Christianity.  Religion
Cladotherianthropy Pantairin (HouseofChimeras) An explanation of the term cladotherian and benefits and downsides to the label. Cladotherian
Deconstructing the Raptor Nomad How Nomad experiences being a deinonychus paleotherian. Deinonychus, Paleotherian
Designing a Theriotype Sonne Spiritwind How Sonne went about narrowing down her fourth, avian theriotype. Avian
Do Werewolves Really Exist? Autumn Fox A short look into spiritual therianthropy.
Domestic and Wild Sonne Spiritwind A look into wild, feral, and domestic as concepts in connection to Sonne's theriotypes and therianthropy. Cat, Horse, Mongoose, Feline, Ungulate
Dorsal Fin Elinox Descriptions of Elinox's dorsal fin phantom limb. Aquatic
Essay on ‘The Sanctuary Sonne Spiritwind An explanation of what “the Sanctuary” is and means to Sonne and the meaning behind the “catatonic soul.”
Evolution of My Therianthropy Elinox How Elinox's understanding of her therianthropy has shifted. Wolf, Canine
Experiencing Wolf Elinox Elinox talking about her personal therianthropy. Wolf, Canine
Fear and Boldness Tamuril How fear and boldness manifest both from a cat theriotype, horse theriotype, and mixture of the two. Cat, Horse, Feline, Ungulate
Feathers and Scales Quatz (HouseofChimeras) On being an emerald tree boa and resplendent quetzal polytherian. Emerald Tree Boa, Resplendent Quetzal, Reptile, Avian
Finding The Therianthropy Community HouseofChimeras How HouseofChimeras found the therian community.
Fluidity and Fragmentation Sonne Spiritwind The fluid way that Sonne experiences her therianthropy and the fragmentation of her theriotypes.
From The Deep Blue Sea Ocean Watcher (HouseofChimeras) On being a sea slug and frilled shark polytherian. Blue Glaucus Sea Slug, Frilled Shark, Aquatic, Invertebrate
Hooves Beat as Hearts Sonne Spiritwind Prose-format piece about Sonne's longing to run as Horse. Horse, Ungulate, Poetry
I am not a Werewolf Lupa Being both wolf and human and therian, but not a werewolf. Wolf, Canine
In Which We Determine I Am Not an Indoor Wolf Lupa Lupa's revelations while stuck inside sick. Wolf, Canine
Journal Entry: December 21, 2005 Sonne Spiritwind Sonne questions a small cat theriotype. Cat, Feline
Journal Entry: February 23, 2006 Sonne Spiritwind Sonne records some Horse-related experiences and feelings. Horse, Ungulate
Journal Entry: June 24, 2006 Sonne Spiritwind On finding her theriotypes, and on the importante of not only what but who Sonne is.
Journal Entry: March 13, 2006 Sonne Spiritwind Sonne questions and reevaluates her wolf theriotype. Wolf, Canine
Journal Entry: March 23, 2006 Sonne Spiritwind Sonne talks about some of her thoughts on her horse theriotype. Horse, Ungulate
Journal Entry: May 11, 2006 Sonne Spiritwind Sonne's thoughts on the potential details and nuances of her horse and canine theriotypes. Horse, Wolf, Canine, Ungulate
Kin to the Plants Darahagh (HouseofChimeras) On Darahagh's experiences as a southern live oak phytanthrope. Southern Live Oak, Tree, Phytanthrope
Letting Go of Therianthropy For Good Lupa Lupa's goodbye to therianthropy and the therian community.
Midnight Sand Sonne Spiritwind An in-depth look at Sonne's experiences and identity as a horse therian. Horse, Ungulate
Mongoose: Sentry and Subtlety Sonne Spiritwind An in-depth look at Sonne's experiences and identity as a mongoose therian. Mongoose
Musings on an Unknown Theriotype Sonne Spiritwind Musings on Sonne's third theriotype, a potential canind theriotype. Mongoose, Canine
Musings on an Unknown Theriotype: Part 2 Sonne Spiritwind Muses on Sonne's third theriotype, where she explores non-canids for consideration. Mongoose
Musings on an Unknown Theriotype: Part 3 Sonne Spiritwind Muses on Sonne's third theriotype, where she narrows in on several potential candidates. Mongoose
My Antlers Tell Lies Pantairin (HouseofChimeras) Experiences of an antlered doe and cervine cladotherian. Deer, Cervine, Ungulate, Cladotherian
My Magic Is Different Kusani Kusani's reaffirmation of self as a big cat. Barbary Lion, Feline
On Extinction Nomad On what it's like for Nomad to identify as an extinct animal. Paleotherian
On Wings of a Living Past Sonne Spiritwind An in-depth look at Sonne's winged theropod experiences. Erdenvogel, Paleotherian
Packs in Nature Hordes On misinformation surrounding the idea of wolf packs.
Personal Therianthropy Elinox A short segment explaining Elinox's personal therianthropy. Wolf, Canine
Phantom Limbs Elinox Elinox's experiences with phantom limbs. Wolf, Canine
Pieces Of A Whole Kusani A look into being animalfolk, rather than an animal and human. Barbary Lion, Feline
Place For Plants Darahagh (HouseofChimeras) On how phytanthropes fit into the otherkin and therian communities. Phytanthrope
Predator or Prey? Sonne Spiritwind On how Sonne experiences being both predator and prey as a cat. Cat, Feline
Reactions to Stress Sonne Spiritwind On how Sonne's cat and horse theriotypes react to stress. Cat, Horse, Feline, Ungulate
Skin Deep: On Being Animal and Human Sonne Spiritwind How Sonne experiences and understands being both human and animal.
Snake Eyes: Living as a Cobra Therian SerpentineZebra A descriptive essay on being a cobra. Cobra, Reptile
Still Not Human Kusani On being not human. Barbary Lion, Feline
Territoriality, Humans, and Anger Kusani Thoughts on being territorial and angry as an animal within human society. Barbary Lion, Feline
The Animal I Am Kusani On finding the therian community and her therioside. Barbary Lion, feline
The Dao of Duiker Sondu What it's like for Sondu to be a duiker therian. Duiker, Ungulate
The Elephant in the Room Elinox A short piece on being a wolf among humans. Wolf, Canine
The Lexicon of the Werewolf Patrick Daemon Howell A heavily spiritual perspective on therianthropes, weres, otherkin, and what the author refers to as "zoans".
The Opposite of a Therian: A Basilisk’s Observations Dash L. Duke (Sol System)  Dash's thoughts on what is most important to therianthropic identities put in comparison to how he understands himself as a nonhuman. Basilisk, Reptile
The Trouble With Cat Kusani Musings on dysmorphia and difficulties related to being a largely solitary animal. Barbary Lion, Feline
 Therian Community: Status Quo & Development  
Sonne Spiritwind Sonne's thoughts on established community status quos and the direction of development the community may take in the future. 
Therian Frequently Asked Questions Neserit A small FAQ on therians and weres. FAQ
Therianthropy (and Otherkin) and Universal Connection Lupa On how being a therian or otherkin can theoretically be applied to identifying and experiencing multiple non-human perceptions and identities.
Thoughts on My Fourth Theriotype Sonne Spiritwind On Sonne's experiences with and details regarding her fourth theriotype, an avian theropod. Erdenvogel, Paleotherian
To Shift Or Not To Shift? Elinox On the importance (or lack thereof) of shifts to therianthropy.
Totemic Therianthropy Lupa A totemic perspective on therianthropy.
Traffic Is A Herd Kusani Comparisons of traffic to herd-like behavoir.
Upbringing, Imprintation, and Self-Development Sonne Spiritwind On how Sonne's upbringing has affecter her therianthropy.
Waters of Obscurity: My Therianthropic Self-Concept Sonne Spiritwind An exploration of Sonne's self-concept as both a human and animal, and how that relates to other parts of her life.
Weres and Therians Dragonslorefury / JustAn'Otherkin An exploration of the differences between weres and therians.
What Being A Phytanthrope Is To Me Darahagh (HouseofChimeras) In which Darahagh defines the term phytanthrope and explains his experiences in-depth. Southern Live Oak, Tree, Phytanthrope
What Is Cat? Kusani A look into what cat, as an identity and concept, is.  Barbary Lion, Feline
Why So Many Wolves? Elinox Theorizing why there are so many wolf therianthropes. Wolf
Wild Dog Teja On how both domestic and wild canines affect Teja's interpretation of his therianthropy. Dog, Wolf, Wolfdog, Canine
Wolf Mythos Elinox An exploration of how Elinox's identity as a wolf therianthrope intertwines with wolf folklore and archetypes. Wolf, Canine
Wolf Person Elinox A description of what it is like for Elinox to be a wolf. Wolf, Canine
Wolves and Dogs and Therianthropy Lupa Lupa explores identifying with/as dogs as a wolf therianthrope. Dog, Wolf, Canine