Welcome to the Archive!

The Alterhuman Archive is an ever-expanding collection of nonhuman and alterhuman-related information, writings, and creations, meant to function as a community resource and memory bank. 

Historical preservation of works made by and for alterhumans and nonhumans is a major goal of this archive. Whether that's through hosting resources, linking to them, or helping to advertise collaborative alterhuman events currently going on in the greater community, the Alt-Archive is here to collect resources in one singular, accessible location open to everyone.

Feel free to explore the stacks and see if anything catches your eye!

Website Update:

We've moved everything on-site to a Zotero library because it allows for easier tagging, sorting, and navigating! Links in the header will bring you to the appropriate folders in the library.

Upcoming Events, Projects, Surveys, and More:

Otherkin Wiki

Otherkin Wiki is a new, independent wiki about the culture, history and experiences of otherkin and alterhuman communities. It evolved out of the Fandom wiki of the same name, and it needs your help to expand! This project is being led by the Allium (蒜) House. 

Visit the Otherkin Wiki here!
Join the Discord server here!

Otherkin News

Otherkin News is a collaborative project where people can share and discuss current events in our community, about publications that mention our communities, and about shared interests and experiences that we all have in common. Orion Scribner created and administers it, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Visit the Otherkin News Dreamwidth here!

Draconic Summit

The Draconic Summit convention is an online gathering of dragonkin and draconic identifying individuals of all kinds. The convention is being organized by ​Luunaathh’sstrreiii, and will take place on Discord on March 17th-19th.

Visit the Draconic Summit's Twitter here!
Visit the Draconic Summit's Tumblr here!

Otherhearted Community Survey

The OCS is gathering data about otherhearted people's experiences and understandings of themselves and their community. Participants must be 18 or older. Orion Scribner, House of Chimeras, and Who-is-Page created this survey.

Take the survey here!