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A Brief Introduction to Our Plural State of Being House of Chimeras A summary of HouseofChimeras' personal multiplicity and some background information about their personal plurality essays.
A Collection of Mentions of Nonhuman and Fiction-Based Members of Plural Systems House of Chimeras  A collection of mentions from academic and non-academic materiels of members of multiple systems who are either nonhuman or who mirror fictional species or characters. eBook, Nonhuman, Fictive
Animality The Hordes A brief description of the Hordes' nonhumanity. Nonhuman
Bestial Thinking Soul (The Hordes) Soul's experience with having a nonhuman mindset. Nonhuman
Born-Plural Explanation The Hordes The Hordes' description of their system origins.
Helping the Wounded The Hordes The Hordes' thoughts and tips on helping systems with trauma.
Hordes's Fronting/Switching Guide The Hordes Techniques meant to help systems switch front. Guide
Kin "Gatekeeping" vs. Plural Gatekeeping The Hordes The difference between plural gatekeeping and otherkin "gatekeeping."
Let’s Talk: Headspaces Charlie Wincott (The Indigo Orrery) On how headspaces can be affected by a variety of factors.
I am Dogs(s) AnnaLee A queer story about discovery, plurality, and therian identity. Game
Misconceptions: Plurality The Hordes Misconceptions and myths about pluraity.
Multiplicity Is Not Easy House of Chimeras The trials and tribulations of navigating multiplicity.
Nonhumanity The Hordes On nonhuman system members. Nonhuman
On Syscourse, Systems, and the Possession of Terms The Hordes The Hordes' breakdown on the inaccuracies of syscourse, especially regarding endogenic systems.
Otherkin vs. Plurality The Hordes The Hordes' explanation on the differences between otherkinity and plurality.
Our System Rules House of Chimeras House of Chimeras' system rules.
Paranormality and Mundane The Hordes The Hordes' system experiences with paranormality, including how clairvoyance functions for their system.
Plurality as a Positive State The Hordes The Hordes' explaination as to why their pluarity is not disordered nor distressing.
Polykin Are Not Multiple House of Chimeras How individuals with multiple kintypes are different from systems.
So I happen to have some spirit guides or head mates? Jafira Jafira's thoughts on headmates.
System-Travel: How, Why, and When it Becomes a Problem
The Hordes On system-hopping and system-traveling, including potential red flags and warning signs.
The Creation of Our Multiplicity House of Chimeras A breakdown of how House of Chimeras believes their multiplicity was created based on their memories and experiences.
The Curtains Never Come Down Rosea Sconson (The Shining Stars) On how being a closeted system is comparable to improv and acting, with higher risks.
Tips for Navigating the Plural Community The Hordes Tips and advice on how to navigate plural community spaces. Introductory
Tulpas vs. Endogenic Headmates The Hordes Differences between tulpas and endogenic headmates, and other similar, but related, plural experiences and labels.
Uncharacteristically Plural The Hordes The Hordes' explain aspects and categorization of their plurality as an endogenic system with gateway phenomenon experiences.
Unveiling Yourselves: Coming Out as Plural The Hordes Potential risks and obstacles to consider when coming out as plural.
Validity Wars The Hordes The Hordes' thoughts on arguments surrounding plural legitimacy in the plural community.
Visions and Plurality The Hordes The Hordes' experiences with visions.
Why We Do Not Have A DID Diagnosis House of Chimeras A breakdown of House of Chimeras' experiences with not getting a diagnosis of DID while still having professionals accept their multiplicity.
Why We Do Not Have A OSDD Diagnosis (But Have A DDNOS Diagnosis) House of Chimeras A breakdown of HouseofChimeras' experiences with not getting a diagnosis of OSDD, but having once had a DDNOS diagnosis.