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“I Am (Not) A Robot” – Humanization and Inclusion Cor On the idea of a focus on personhood over ideas of humanity in inclusive language and rehumanization narratives.
A brief essay on otherkin memories Jafira A short essay on past life memories and otherkin
A Day in the Life of Otherkin Lupa How being otherkin can affect one's day-to-day life.
A Revised Otherkin FAQ Jarandhel Dreamsinger Frequently asked questions about otherkin, answered. FAQ, Introductory
A Timeline of the Unicorn Community & Unicorns In The Otherkin Community HouseofChimeras A timeline of events that have taken place within or related directly to the unicorn community and unicorns in the otherkin community. Unicorn, eBook, Timeline
Abusive Situations Jarandhel Dreamsinger On recognizing abusive situations for new otherkin.
Am I Otherkin? Gazer On finding out if you're otherkin. Introductory
An Aloryan Glossary Jarandhel Dreamsinger Words and phrases remembered by elves from  Elf, Dictionary
An FAQ on Otherkin for the Perplexed Observer Dragonslorefury/Just An'Otherkin Frequently asked questions about otherkin. FAQ
Angelic LadyTia Some of LadyTia's memories. Celestial
Anti-Anti-Otherkin Dovewithscales All of Dove's counter-arguments regarding anti-otherkin claims.
Arhuaine Arhuaine Arhuaine's awakening account. Elf
Awakening Jarandhel Dreamsinger Jarandhel's experience and understanding of his awakening.
Awakening (Dragon) Jarandhel Dreamsinger Jarandhel's experience awakening as a dragon. Draconic
Babd Babd Babd's awakening account. Fae
Baxils Draconity FAQ Baxil Frequently asked questions about dragons and draconics. FAQ, Draconic
Being a dragon or otherkin: Jafira Jafira's thoughts on what it means to be otherkin or draconic. Draconic
Being Basilisk, Being Human  Dash L. Duke (Sol System) One basilisk's thoughts on humanity and living in a human body. Basilisk, Reptile
Being Blutpir Sonne Spiritwind How Sonne experiences being vampirekin. Vampirekin
Beyond Identitykin Lupa On being identity-focused instead of living in the moment.
Can we be Born as one Type of Elf, Fae or Otherkin in One Life and Another Kin Type in a Different Incarnation? The Silver Elves The Silver Elves' thoughts on incarnation and kintypes. Elf
Change is Coming Jarandhel Dreamsinger Jarandhel believes change is coming to the otherkin community.
Channeling the draconic mind and body Jafira A visualization exercise. Draconic
Come Away Jarandhel Dreamsinger A servitor to effect the otherkin community.
Coming out of the Wardrobe Miaren Crow's Daughter How to tell someone you're otherkin. Introductory
Coming to Know Draconity - A Personal Reflection Malchior Geist A personal reflection of how Malchior understands and discovered his draconity. Draconic
Contemplations on Vampire Otherkin Sonne Spiritwind Sonne contemplates on both vampires/the vampire community and vampirekin. Vampirekin
Controversial incarnations Jafira Jafira's opinion on controversial kintypes and beliefs.
Coping with Homesickness for Otherkin Elinox Coping ideas for homesickness.
Cor’s Big Nonhuman/Otherkin Post Cor Cor's understanding and explanations of their nonhuman and otherkin identity, and on some community politics
Dancing with Memory Jarandhel Dreamsinger Jarandhel's memories of Alorya. Elf
Daughter of Diversity Ami Griffiths Ami's understanding of herself as a child of gods.
Days Under an Uhrthrandyn Sun LadyTia A memory.
Deitykin Part 1: No Offense Shezep-shuty On the idea that deitykin are inherently offensive. Deitykin
Deitykin Part 2: Gods Behaving Badly Shezep-shuty On deitykin who cause strife to pagan and polytheistic communities. Deitykin
Deitykin Part 3: Best Practices Shezep-shuty Advice for deitykin and discovering a deific identity. Deitykin
Dictionary Malcolm Rannirl A collection of otherkin-related terms and definitions. Terminology
Does Being Elven or Otherkin Make it Harder to Live in Human Bodies?   The Silver Elves On the difficulties of being nonhuman in a human body, especially for elves. Elf
Draconity, and the superiority complex Jafira Jafira's thoughts on draconic and otherkin superiority complexes and fantastical ideas of self. Draconic
Dragon Definitions Rene How does one define a dragon? Draconic
DragonKin: A Healthy Skepticism: Jafira Jafira's thoughts on the importance of skepticism.
Dysphoria; A Personal Transgender, Otherkin Perspective Page Shepard (Sol System) Page's perspective on the intersections of his gender dysphoria and species dysphoria. Gender
Elfae Tribes: The Peoples of Faerie The Silver Elves A brief advertisement and explanation of one of the Silver Elves' books, on elfae groups. Elf, Fae
Elven Like Me Nick Mamatas A brief article on otherkin, from an outsider perspective.
Elves Arhuaine Information about Arhuaine's elf kintype. Elf
Elves, Faeries, Fae and Otherkin Tribes: More Descriptions of Otherworldly Folk The Silver Elves A brief advertisement and explanation of one of the Silver Elves' books, on elfae and general otherkin groups. Elf, Fae
Eyovah Eyovah Eyovah's awakening account. Draconic
Faerie, Fae and Otherkin Tribes: The Silver Elves’ Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin The Silver Elves A brief advertisement and explanation of one of the Silver Elves' books, on fae and general otherkin groups. Fae
Field Guide to Otherkin: Survey Responses Jarandhel Dreamsinger Jarandhel's survey answers.
Figuring Out One’s Kintype Mod Badger A short guide for figuring out one's kintype. Introductory
Find your own path, your own truth, and make your own way: Jafira Jafira's thoughts on not wasting life.
Flights of Fancy & Imagination Being Real Elinox Elinox's thoughts on what makes a kintype real, or simply imaginary.
From the Heart Out Tiernan Thoughts on why it's important to questioning oneself's identity. Introductory
Good Morning to the World I've Only Just Found LadyTia A brief explanation of awakening as otherkin.
Hark! The Oracle Dreams LadyTia LadyTia's thoughts on dreams, from her otherkin perspective.
Herding Cats: A Model of Distributed Leadership Raven On how leadership in the otherkin community forms and on how it differs from traditional ideas of centralized leadership.
Here and Now Rannirl Windtree A piece against the idea that all otherkin are physically human.
Homesick for old life: Jafira Jafira's thoughts on dealing with past life homesickness.
How can I reconcile this aspect of myself with who I am? Jafira On coming to terms with a nonhuman identity.
How do I know I am not simply possessed? Jafira Thoughts on the difference between possession and otherkinity.
How Do I Know if I am Dragon Firefen An explanation of how Firefen knows they are a dragon. Draconic
How do You Discover What Sort of Elf or Otherkin Type You Are? And Do You Need to Know your Kin Type to be an Otherkin? The Silver Elves On discovering your kintype and on otherkin or potential otherkin who do not yet know their kintype.
I Am What I Am Elinox On gatekeeping and questioning other's beliefs.
I have always been different: Jafira On otherkin feeling different from their peers.
I have memories of being a dragon, or other being: Jafira Jafira's recommendations for otherkin who have memories.
I have multiple incarnations am I different?    
Jafira Jafira's thoughts and speculations regarding multiple incarnations some otherkin may feel they have experienced.
I have no memories.. Jafira For otherkin who have past life beliefs without any memories.
I have phantom limbs, is this good or bad Jafira Jafira's information and thoughts on otherkin phantom limbs.
I want to relate to my kintype more but my family sucks.. Jafira Advice for otherkin who want more physical spaces and content related to their kintypes, while living with disapproving family.
Identifying Your Otherkin Species: Ten Tips for the Terminally Tantalised Sprite Rêvenchate Tips for identifying your kintype. Introductory
I'm not sure.. Jafira Jafira's advice for individuals unsure if they're otherkin.
Interview with a Basilisk Dash L. Duke (Sol System) An informational piece by Dash on his species of basilisk and general information about them. Basilisk, Reptile
It’s OK to not be “Other” Elinox How wanting to feel special doesn't make someone otherkin.
I've always been normal, I'm confused.. Jafira Advice for people who are shocked or confused by their newfound otherkinity.
Jafira’s Draconity/Otherkin Guide Jafira Jafira's guide to draconity and otherkinity. Draconic, eBook
Jarin Dreamsinger Jarandhel Dreamsinger Jarandel's awakening account. Elf
Jewelfox's Otherkin FAQ Jewelfox Frequently asked questions about otherkin. FAQ
Kin to the Other Jarandhel Dreamsinger An attempt to reconceptualize and define the term otherkin. Terminology
Lance Lance Lance's awakening account. Draconic
Lord of the Rings movie review Sylenial A review of the elves in LotR, by an elf. Elf
majikal abilities Arethinn Regarding magical abilities in otherkin.
marginalia upon Devin Proctor’s “On Being Non-Human” Arethinn Notes and commentary regarding "On Being Non-Human".
 marginalia upon Markus Davidsen’s “Spiritual Tolken Milieu” Arethinn Notes and commentary regarding "Spiritual Tolken Milieu".
Monsters, Vampires, & Personal Animality Sonne Spiritwind Thoughts on the ideas surrounding monsters and vampires in connection to Sonne's animality and Blutpir identity. Vampirekin
Morgandria Morgandria Morgandria's awakening account. Polymorph
Motion of the Ocean Elinox On the movement of water and the ocean. Fae, Aquatic
Music and Otherkin: Jafira Jafira's thoughts and experience with music.
My Experience of Stag Jarandhel Dreamsinger An account of a therianthropic experience, but not in the traditional sense of the term. Stag
Mythology to Invisus: Are Kin Phenotypes Destroying Mythology? LadyTia Thoughts and theories about how otherkin and the otherkin community affect mythological narratives.
New Age vs Otherkin Community Tiernan An argument that newbies in the otherkin community cannot be given the answers they seek, and a comparison to New Age religious communities' evolutions. Religion
not just pretending Thistle Pleeloolalla Kachunk On assertions that people are "pretending" to be otherkin.
Oh The Wolves! Hordes On why there are particularly common kintypes.
Older Folkore Tinne On the importance of knowing fae folklore when you're fae. Fae
On “Physically Non/Human” Cor A discussion on how the variations between various phrases used to describe physical nonhumanity differ.
On Being Non-Human: Otherkin Identification and Virtual Space Devin Proctor An examination of digitally-mediated identity and community
construction through the lens of the otherkin.
On the Dearth of Otherkin Writings Page Shepard (Sol System) On the seeming dearth of otherkin essays, articles, and other forms of writing.
On Theriomythics, Divinity, and a Mythical Ternary Page Shepard (Sol System) Page's experience with theriomythic identities and their place within the greater otherkin community. Theriomythic
Organizational Des’tai Jarandhel Dreamsinger Advice and considerations for new otherkin who want to contribute to the otherkin community. Introductory
Otherkin & Society: Waiter! There’s an Otherkin in my Medieval Soup! The Crisses On otherkin in the Society for Creative Anachronism.
Otherkin and Beyond: an FAQ and reading list for curious and confused parties Jac / Aqua-Aureum Frequently asked questions about otherkin and other identities and experiences. FAQ
Otherkin and Roleplay Pt. 1 Dragonslorefury / JustAn'Otherkin Inspecting the relationship between otherkinity and roleplay.
Otherkin Behaviour Patterns Tirl, Rannirl, & Mike Windtree Patterns of behavoir newly awakened otherkin go through. Introductory
Otherkin FAQ v. 4.0.1 The Crisses Frequently asked questions both for and about otherkin. FAQ
Otherkin Identity: Is it more than just a label? Taylor Ellwood On otherkin as a label versus otherkin as an identity.
Otherkin Psychology, relating to the familiar, Jafira Jafira's thoughts on otherkin being drawn towards animals of similar species.
Otherkin Reiki: Awakening Jarandhel Dreamsinger Part 1 of 9: Jarandhel's series on otherkin reiki.
Otherkin Reiki: Bonus Jarandhel Dreamsinger Part 9 of 9: Jarandhel's series on otherkin reiki.
Otherkin Reiki: Discernment Jarandhel Dreamsinger Part 3 of 9: Jarandhel's series on otherkin reiki.
Otherkin Reiki: Emergence Jarandhel Dreamsinger Part 5 of 9: Jarandhel's series on otherkin reiki.
Otherkin Reiki: In Conclusion Jarandhel Dreamsinger Part 8 of 9: Jarandhel's series on otherkin reiki.
Otherkin Reiki: Integration Jarandhel Dreamsinger Part 4 of 9: Jarandhel's series on otherkin reiki.
Otherkin Reiki: Refinement Jarandhel Dreamsinger Part 6 of 9: Jarandhel's series on otherkin reiki.
Otherkin Reiki: Remembering Jarandhel Dreamsinger Part 2 of 9: Jarandhel's series on otherkin reiki.
Otherkin Reiki: Transformation Jarandhel Dreamsinger Part 7 of 9: Jarandhel's series on otherkin reiki.
otherkin survey one Arethinn Arethinn's generic survey answers.
otherkin survey two Arethinn Arethinn's answers to Lupa's Field Guide to Otherkin survey.
Otherkin TV LadyTia Shows and movies which otherkin may find relatable.
Otherkin: An Unseen World of the Non-Human Jason England A informative article on otherkin, from a non-kin perspective.
Otherkinism is not a game: Jafira Jafira's assurances that otherkinity is not roleplay or a game.
Parts of my Soul Shezep-shuty An explanation of some of the nonhuman and human parts of Shezep.
Personal Mythology, Imagination and Metaphor Lupa On personal mythological narratives as potential explanations for one's otherkinity.
physical non-humanness? Arethinn Thoughts on ideas of being physically nonhuman and otherkin.
Physically Human? Arhuaine On otherkin physical bodies being different than non-kin.
Psychological alternative to being otherkin: Jafira Jafira's list of potential psychological concepts and experiences that may beget otherkin experiences.
Religion and the Sha Lifor A look into the Sha and their religious beliefs. Elf, Religion
Responsibility of being dragonkin or otherkin. Jafira Jafira's thoughts on the responsibilities otherkin have both to themselves and to their community.
RP'Kin: The Most Elaborate Of Them All LadyTia Thoughts on what LadyTia calls "RP'Kin."
Should I tell my friends and family that I am a dragon? Jafira Jafira's thoughts on informing others of your draconity. Draconic
So… You’re Awake? Miaren Crow's Daughter Frequently asked questions on awakening as fae. Fae, FAQ
Soul Loss Crisses The idea of "soul loss" and its relevancy to otherkin.
Spiritual aspects of oneself manifesting through art Jafira Jafira's thoughts on aspects of one's otherkinity manifesting in art prior to awakening.
Spiritual names and identity in regards to otherkinsim: Jafira Jafira's thoughts and experiences on names connected to kintypes.
Sylverë ap Leanan-Refous on Otherkin Deacongray An interview with a vampire and Leanan Sidhe. Fae
Synchronicity Jarandhel Dreamsinger On connections and patterns in Jarandhel's life, and his thoughts on them.
Tathaenhi Tanaath Ari'thaan Tathaenhi Tanaath Ari'thaan Tathaenhi's awakening account. Draconic
Ten Otherkin Truths Tsu Ten truths about otherkin.
The Death of the Otherkin Community Tirl Windtree A piece on how the otherkin community is dead.
The Harmony of Discord Tirl & Mike Windtree Why discourse is important to the otherkin community.
The importance of art and creativity: Jafira Thoughts on the importance of creative expression and otherkinity.
The importance of nature and relaxation Jafira Thoughts on the importance of nature and otherkinity.
The Internet Goes Mythic Cara Des'tai Short article on otherkin and faerie.
The Life Aquatic Elinox Elinox's experiences as an aquatic. Fae, Aquatic
The Logic of Otherkin Kaijima A. Frostfang Various logic fallacy's application to otherkin.
The Need to Belong Elinox On how the human need to belong is relevant to the otherkin and therian communities.
The Otherkin Problem Eradea Problems with the otherkin community.
The Otherkin Random Generator LadyTia How to make awakening slightly easier.
The Septagram: an essay on the seven pointed star Magpie Hrafnsdottir Information on the septagram. Symbology
The Septagram: One Celestial’s View On The Septagram Christopher Angelo A celestial's perspective on the septagram. Symbology
The Shadow of Myth Tirl Windtree On mythology's connection to otherkin as a label.
The Strangeness of Fish Elinox The difference between experiences as a mammal and experiences as an aquatic. Fae, Aquatic
Tolkien. Is. Not. A. Reference. Seavixen On using Tolkien's works as reference. Elf
Traits that I have noted regarding otherkin: Jafira Some patterns Jafira has noted in regards to otherkin.
Tuatha De Danaan LadyTia Some of LadyTia's memories.
Twisting Intersections  N. Noel Sol (Sol System) Noel's understandings of being both a European dragon and neosuchian. Neosuchian, Draconic
Warning Signs Jarandhel Dreamsinger Signs of danger to look out for in the otherkin community.
What are Otherkin? Tirl Windtree Possible explanations for otherkinity. Introductory
What are Otherkin? LadyTia Some brief explanations of otherkin experiences and identity.
What are the warning signs that I may be taking this to far: Jafira Jafira's thoughts on when someone can take being otherkin "too far."
What Dragons Are Rene How to define what a dragon is. Draconic
What is otherkinism: Jafira An explanation of "otherkinism."
What's So Special About Otherkin Other Than Their Senses? LadyTia LadyTia's ideas, thoughts, and theories on special abilities otherkin may have.
Where Gender & Animality Meet Sonne Spiritwind A look into concepts of nonhumanity and gender as they relate to Sonne. Gender
Willow Willow Willow's awakening account. Shapeshifter
Worlds Beyond LadyTia A guide to various different worlds some larger groups of otherkin claim to hail from.
You Might Be Otherkin If... Arethinn A tongue-in-cheek checklist on signs you might be otherkin.