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A Difference Between Synpaths and Otherhearted? Blue On how being a synpath and otherhearted differ from a personal perspective. Introductory
Ack I’ve joined the essay train. Kiera An exploration of Kiera's various 'hearted identities: cat, cheetah, and andalite. Cat, Cheetah, Andalite, Animorphs, Alien, Feline, Fictionhearted
An Exploration of "Harpy-Hearted" Atlas-of-Mossland Musing over how Atlas experiences and potentially developed their harpy-heartedness. Harpy
An Interesting Find Atlas-of-Mossland Musings over an early definition animal-hearted and the distinction between it and therian.
Being Almost-a-Cat Aster Identifying with versus identifying as a cat. Cat, Feline
Common Themes in the Early Animal-hearted Scene Atlas-of-Mossland A breakdown on experiences and perspectives found among the early animal-hearted community on The Daemon Forum. Introductory
Explaining My Hearttype Nova Nova explains her avian-heartedness. Avian
Hearttype Ramble #1 Orion An explanation on the difference between hearttypes and kintypes for Orion, and how their experiences for the two differ.
On Being Monster-Hearted Sonne Spiritwind How being vampirekin affects Sonne's relationship with the monstrous, and an explanation of those feelings. Vampirekin
Other-Hearted vs. Otherkin Marz The differences between being other-hearted and otherkin. Introductory
Robothearted Musings Fluff (Clown Car System) How some of the Clown Car System experiences being robohearted. Robot, Machinehearted
Robohearted Musings Part Two Fluff (Clown Car System) A further look into how some of the Clown Car System experience being robohearted. Robot, Machinehearted
The History of the Term Animal-Hearted HouseofChimeras A short breakdown of the history of the term animal-hearted.
Untitled Aster (Quoi Haunting) Aster's connection to their daemon's form as a hearttype. Maned Wolf, Canine, Daemon
Untitled Jax How Jax experiences being caninehearted. Canine
Untitled Spectacled-Plant How Spectacled experiences and understands being bearhearted and vampirehearted. Bear, Vampire, Ursine
Untitled Swift Swift explains their raptor-kith and cat-kith feelings. Cat, Raptor, Avian, Feline