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A Different Approach to Fictionkin Hange Hange explores the idea of viewing fiction as a form of mythology.
A Timeline of the Fictionkin Community HouseofChimeras A timeline of events that have taken place within or related directly to the fictionkin community. 1979-2021. Timeline, eBook
Additional Permutations to the idea of “Being Fictional” Hange A short essay on using alternative, external, "noncanon" frameworks for fictionkin identity.
Comparing One Name To The Named Miushra (HouseofChimeras) Miushra describes discovering she is fictionkin rather than strictly a therian, and compares her species to the Named fictional species. Named, Feline, Fictherian
Fangs, Flesh, and Flight Ebony (HouseofChimeras) Why Ebony calls himself a Thestral and some of his experiences. Thestral, Harry Potter, Fictherian
Filling in the Blanks, Part 1: Questioning: Fanworks, Fan Theories, and Filling In The Gaps Hange Canon and its importance (or lack thereof) to fictionkin identities. 
Filling In The Blanks, Part 2: The Worlds Are Bigger Than You Think Hange How and why looking at multiple sources can be beneficial when trying to understand the world a fictionkin identity originated from.
Kin Journal: Thoughts & Experiences Rai An in-depth breakdown of Rai's draconic experiences as a Light Fury. Light Fury, Draconic, How To Train Your Dragon
Otakukin Kinjou Ten Defining and understanding the concept of otakukin.
Possible Vampire Fictionkin Sonne Spiritwind On how Sonne's vampire kintype could theoretically be classified as a fictotype. Vampirekin, Blutpir
Some thoughts on Mediakin Lupa Lupa describes how she believes mediakin can exist.
The Fire Burns Bright Jasper An in-depth exploration of Jasper's experiences as an Alolan marowak and his identity as a fictherian. Alolan Marowak, Pokemon, Fictherian
To Pokémon, or Pokémon’t Page Shepard (Sol System)  Page's Pokemon-related experiences and his thoughts on some of the difficulties tied to have a fiction-related nonhuman identity. Pokemon
Way Of This Werewolf Cavern-Risen (HouseofChimeras) Cavern-Risen's experiences as a werewolf and a garou fictionkin. Garou, Werewolf, Canine. Fictherian
What is Fictionkin? An exploratory definition Mordax Mordax explains and defines fictionkin. Introductory 
Why Using the Term Fictionkin Should be a Power Move, Not your Every Day Label. Daski In which Daski encourages readers to rethink about how they use the term fictionkin for themselves.